The Pain of Winter

IMG_2367 IMG_2370  IMG_2374

Growing up and spending more than half of my life in upstate NY you would think I would be used to Winter by now? Nope…I am not. By the time is gets here its around Thanksgiving and lasts until about May if we are lucky. I love Winter during Christmas time and New Years, but once it hits February I just want it to be over. Spring and Summer make me feel more energized and happy! Good thing I have my web work, Mary Kay and Scentsy to keep me busy. I didn’t think climate would ever have a big effect on my mood. Enough all ready Winter!! We got enough snow today…over a foot!! I want Spring!!

Published by Amy Andrews

Hello! I am a Freelance Web Developer with 10+ years experience building and maintaining websites. I work daily with HTML, CSS, building/maintaining/troubleshooting WordPress and HubSpot websites and coding responsive HTML Emails.

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