I found out I was pregnant with my first child three months ago. I am so excited! My husband and I went to the doctor’s to get our first ultrasound in December. While the ultrasound technician was examining me, she said “not to get you too excited or alarmed, but there are two babies!” I was very shocked, since twins don’t run in either my husbands or my family. Also, I was never on any fertility treatments.

After I thought about all the sleepless nights coming up, I am still very excited and happy that I am having twins! After all, not a lot of people get to experience this and I cannot wait until I do! Of course, I will be blogging about what is going on and how they are doing, so this should be lots of fun!

Published by Amy Andrews

Hello! I am a Freelance Web Developer with 10+ years experience building and maintaining websites. I work daily with HTML, CSS, building/maintaining/troubleshooting WordPress and HubSpot websites and coding responsive HTML Emails.

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