LOST Is Returning This Week!

I am so happy that LOST is back on with the second part of season 3. However, I am more confused than ever. Here are some of the questions I have about LOST and hopefully some of them will be answered soon so that I can write about them!

1. Why are the others making Kate and Sawyer do stupid things such as shoveling rocks into a pile?

2. If the others can communicate with the outside world, why are they still on the island?

3. I have been waiting since season one to find out why the others took Claire’s baby..and I am still wondering…

4. What type of drugs are the others injecting into people and why just those people?

5. Why would the others just kidnap Kate, Sawyer, and Jack, but not anyone else? Is it because of the “love triangle” that they have?

6. and the number one questions is….Can Desmond now tell the future and will they use this advantage to attack the others?

Do you have any ideas or answers to my questions? If so, I would love to hear them!

Don’t forget to watch LOST this Wednesday night at 10pm! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite LOST websites:

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