Why I love WordPress

I have been working on WordPress websites as well as building my own a lot more lately. Which I LOVE!!

Why I love WordPress:

  • It’s pretty
  • Has a helpful user base and forums
  • Customization
  • Millions of amazing themes to choose from
  • Uses PHP
  • Plugins are so easy to find and use or you can write your own!
  • Jetpack

FYI – Don’t worry, this post doesn’t have any bias! My husband is a web designer for Automattic, Inc. so I know how awesome this company is to work for. He always brings me awesome free stuff like sweatshirts, mugs, iPhone cases, teeshirts, anker, moleskines, and the list goes on..he also gets the best benefits ever working for them.  He is actually in a design team meetup in Vegas right now with other Automattic, Inc. web designers!!! No Fair!

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