What I learned from Kristina Halvorson at FOWA

Kristina Halvorson – Brain Traffic – Outside the interface: more words to worry about

Designing for content

  • Keep a content inventory
  • Create a style guide – doesn’t have to be a book – more like an outlined plan
  • Track copy as it comes to you – don’t get rid of it because you could use it again.
  • Use Wiki for a style guide
  • Track what copy is needed when and check it off as it comes in using a Wiki so that everyone involved can participate

Kristina brought up a conversation with Ryan Carson about why there are barely any women doing speeches at these type of web conferences. I think that a lot of women out there in the web world that would speak at a web conference. I don’t know why any of them wouldn’t ask to speak at a conference, but most likely they are just too busy. Carsonified should start asking women to speak. I can think of some right off of the top of my head – iJustine or Gina Bianchini (co-founder and CEO of Ning).

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