What I learned from Jason Fried at FOWA

Future Of Web Apps 2009 – Miami, FL

Jason Fried of 37 Signals – Getting Real 2.0

  • Focus more on business models, instead of programming, coding, etc.
  • Make money off biproducts (ie. doing stuff on the side) can create more business. 37 Signals extracted Ruby on Rails from Basecamp. Screencasting of something you already do well – video tape how you code, etc. and sell it to people.
  • No business should be free – they usually end up getting bought out and then never used again. (eg. iwantsandy.com)
  • Share what you know and sell it
  • Don’t pay attention to competitors, build your own.
  • Before you hire do the job yourself. – Smart but not sure if it would work in all cases.

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