New Features in ExpressionEngine 2.3

Member Search

The new member search in ExpressionEngine 2.3 allows you to use search commands on the members listing page. This makes it easier to find your website members. You can view this feature in your control panel by going to Members -> View All

You can search your list of members by member id, username, screen_name, and/or email. Here is an example of how to search:

screen_name:"john doe"

view members

Be sure if you use any spaces in your search, to put the phrase in quotes. You will also need to put a colon after the keyword you are searching for. To edit the members information, just click on the their username link and it will take you to that specific members information page.

File Manager

The new file manager in ExpressionEngine 2.3 lets you easily view and search for files associated with your website. In one place you can search for, delete, and upload your files. In your control panel go to Content -> Files -> File Manager. You will also go here to upload and download your website files.


file table


These new ExpressionEngine 2.3 updates will make it easier for you to manage your websites. The new Member Seach makes it a lot easier to find and edit members of your website. The new File Manager makes organizing and updating your website files a lot more time efficient.

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