My name is Amy Andrews and I am a Freelance Web Developer with 10+ years experience building and maintaining websites. I work daily with HTML, CSS, jQuery, building WordPress and HubSpot responsive websites, and coding HTML Emails.

I am a huge remote work advocate as well as a Starbucks iced coffee addict. If I am not on my computer working on what I love, you will find me hanging out with my three awesome boys! I love the flexibility of remote work. Sometimes I love working at 5am and other times at 10pm. Working remotely has given me the work/life balance that everyone is raving about these days! I recently have gotten into website testing and QA and love being on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to finding or fixing bugs.

I love helping clients build, test, and maintain websites. I only use valid code (well versed in old-school hand coding) and optimize websites for search engines. I am always up for new projects, just shoot me anĀ email!